The Hungarian organizing committee held a kick-off press conference on 16.12.2015 in Agora Science Center, Debrecen where we announced that the city of Debrecen won the right of organization of the 2017 Science on Stage (SonS) festival.

The press conference was organized by the mayor’s office and besides the representatives of several electronic, printed media and television channels numerous interested teachers, head teachers and possible future industrial sponsors were present.

The opening talk was presented by Dr. Csaba Sükösd, the president of Science on Stage Hungary, who introduced the festival and gave a short outlook. As a second speaker, Dr. László Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen, detailed why the Science on Stage is important for all of us and insured the audience about the full support of the festival. Dr. László Csernoch, the vice chancellor of the University of Debrecen, talked about the event from a higher educational point of view, while Béla Somogyi, the director of the Agora Science Center, put emphasis on the importance of the presentation of interesting and catching science experiments in the education. The Hungarian winner of the 2015 London SonS festival, Márta Gajdosné Szabó, shortly introduced her price-winner project and encouraged all teachers for participation in the 2017 festival.

After the most important announcement, Dr. Csaba Sükösd introduces the Science on Stage festival to the media representatives and the audience

By using a Rubik’s cube completing lego robot Béla Somogyi, the director of the Agora Science Center, explaines why the interesting experiences are important in science education