We provide the participants of the festival with various options of social programmes for the evening of 30th June. You can choose from five different excursions, all of them has limits due to the capacity of the institutions. You can sign up to participate at a given programme during the first two days of the festival at our registration desk on site.

Agora Science Centre

Have you ever made music with lightning? Or rode a bike 2 meters high up in the air? Have you ever fired a magnetic gun or raised mountains with your own hands?

Agora is the latest science attraction in Eastern Hungary; it offers exciting adventures and a unique experience for kids and adults alike. Agora offers a playful and entertaining experience, where learning is not a burden anymore. Everyone can get their hands on educational toys and tools, discover scientific curiosities and participate in spectacular experiments. In the laboratories of the three-storey futuristic building visitors can gain insight to the miracles of physics, chemistry, medical biology, hydrobiology, botany and robotics. Visitors can actually see the rotation of the Earth and discover the hidden phenomena of the sky in the observatory.

The Centre offers a vast collection of exciting science shows and other colourful programmes, thus visiting Agora is always a brand new experience. Agora also encourages gifted children to deepen their scientific knowledge and provides after school clubs to conduct their own experiments.


How to get there

  • Agora is easy to reach from the accomodation/student hostels so all you have to do is travel back to the student hostel by tram line 1 from Kölcsey Convention Centre and take a short walk to Agora.
  • When you are standing in front of the entrance of the student hostel you should follow the main road ahead to the left, Agora is just a 4 minutes walk along the fence of the botanical garden.
  • Nearly at the end of that main road you will see a white boothe. Turn right and a long wooden bridge leads you the entrance door of Agora.

Atomki Institute for Nuclear Research

Visit of MTA Atomki
(Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Atomki is an academic institute where researchers deal with various fields of physics and other sciences. In addition to its main profile i.e. research, it is involved in higher education and is open to the public. We show our visitors a wide spectrum of sciences and accept a wide spectrum of ages from primary school students to pensioners.

During your visit, you can see two of the particle accelerators of Atomki, can touch them and look into them to feel the amount of stainless steel and the science behind. Tandetron accelerates protons and shoots them to a target like a gun causing changes in the nuclei. Radiocarbon AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometer) is dedicated to carbon-14 measurements.

You will be introduced to their operation and will get an idea how they contribute to scientific progress and help in our everyday life. Most of subjects taught in schools are touched and you can utilize this information even if you are not a physics teacher.



How to get there

  • Walk back from the Kölcsey Convention Centre to the tram stop at Kálvin tér where you get off the tram when travelling from the student hostel to the conference centre.
  • Take tram #1 back to the direction of university / the student hostels
  • Take off at the 2nd stop at Bem tér
  • Cross at the zebra crossing and walk along the tram line in the direction of the student hostels
  • After a 2 minutes walk you will find Atomki on your left. There is a cascade generator (accelerator) statue in front of the main building.
  • Take the side entrance on Poroszlay Street

Museum of the Reformed College

Visit the Reformed College of Debrecen – a place of significant national heritage for Hungary. It is a memorial to the legacy of the 16th century reformation, the values of the 17th century Puritanism and the intellectual quickening of the 18th century. It also stands to the memory of sacrifices of the 1848/49 revolution and was of independence, and not least to the remembrance of its life-saving and talent-saving mission amidst the adversities of the 20th century. The College is a distinguished and valuable repository of Hungarian education.

Through its affiliated schools, the College communicated to numerous other institutions teaching principles and methods, textbooks and research initiatives inspired by the intellectual tendencies of the west.

The Reformed College is the legal predecessor of the University of Debrecen. As opposed to the English tradition a college comprised three levels of education in Hungary: elementary, secondary and higher education. Gifted students from all over the country were sent to study in Debrecen, and many of them went into peregrination to European universities before becoming professors of the College.

  • – The library of the College is portrayed in the volume of „The most beautiful libraries of the world”. Today as the largest ecclesiastical library holds more than 600 hundred volumes among which 146 incunabula, 1600 old Hungarian books, a collection of 2500 of rare books, etc.
  • – The exhibitions of the Museum initiate the visitor in the history of education: display the first Hungarian herbarium; an invention of the predecessor of the steam-engine, many experimental devices. Zoltán Bay, renowned pioneer of space research, atomic physicist, radar astronomer, academician emphasized the intellectual climate of the College as one that inspired creativity and service.
  • – Still in liturgical use, the Oratory is also a memorial of the 1848/49 revolution and war of independence.
  • – The collection of ecclesiastical art presents the beautiful plant ornaments of church interiors of the region and 16-17th century handicrafts of local guilds.


How to get there

  • Our hostesses will show you the way to the museum that is a 3 minutes walk from the convention centre. Meeting point: registration desk.

National Instruments

Together we’re changing the world. – This is NI’s confession.

National Instruments is an American corporate, which is a market leader in measurement and control automatization. It’s first overseas production site was opened in 2001, in Debrecen. In the past 15 years we have grown from a company with 200 people into an employer with more than 1100 colleagues. Besides our continuous improvement we are proud of our corporate culture and our devotion to provide systems to engineers and scientist by which enables them to change the world.

Among our customers you can find such names like Airbus, Subaru and Hyundai, and our products have been used even in NASA experiments. Thanks to our dedication to innovation, besides manufacturing, today NI Hungary has 12 departments.

Our branch in Debrecen is the main location of regional and global centers.  The list of our departments includes Engineering, IT, Research and Development, as well as Finance, Legal and Service Centers. Our colleagues are welcomed in a modern and inspirational work environment every day where they can improve their skills and knowledge through professional challenges and internal trainings.





How to get there

  • We provide you bus transportation to reach the venue. All you have to do is go round the convention centre and get on the bus waiting for you near by the entrance of Hotel Lycium.

University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen, the oldest institution of higher education in the country operated continuously in the same city, is one of the research universities of national excellence in Hungary offering the widest spectrum of educational programs in 14 faculties and 24 doctoral schools. The student community of 30,000 can study in institutions of excellent scholarly standard.

The University of Debrecen has outstanding educational, research, and innovation capacities in international comparison as well. It is also one of the top 500 universities in the world.  As a leading university it is known in Hungary as an intellectual center providing the widest spectrum of educational programs while also closely cooperating with the private sector, the business sphere, and the local government.

The University of Debrecen has 7 campuses in the city, the central one located at the edge of the Nagyerdő with the Main Building which is known to be East-Central Europe’s most beautiful public building.

The program gives a guided tour through the Main Building and the campus around with highlights of the rich history of the university.

Link: www.unideb.hu


How to get there

  • The main building of University of Debrecen is a 1 minute walk from the accomodations / student hostels.
  • Coming from Kölcsey Convention Centre walk back to the tram stop at Kálvin tér where you get off the tram when travelling from the student hostel to the conference centre.
  • Take tram line 1 back to the direction of the student hostel and get off at the 7th stop (Egyetem).
  • Go in the direction of the main building of the University of Debrecen and meet us at the entrance.