Festival Delegates

How do I register as a full delegate?

Registration for Science on Stage 2017 will be open from 24th March 2017. The Hungarian festival committee will inform all delegates and send the link to the online registration form, which you should complete as soon as possible and before 30th April 2017.

If you haven’t received this email regarding the registration and are a full festival delegate please get in touch with us via festival2017@science-on-stage.eu for a link to the form.

What are the elements of the stand that are provided at the fair?

1 table (160×80 cm), 2 poster walls (one on each side of the table), 2 chairs, 2 220V socket

Where are the poster templates for presenting at the Science on Stage stalls?

You can find all poster templates, with further guidance and deadlines for submission, here. You should ensure that any images you submit are cleared for re-use and sharing under a Creative Commons licence.

The boards are 2.4 m tall, and 1 m wide. The festival team will add a name plate at the top, but there will be some room around the edges to add items. All display materials will be attached to the boards using mouldable glue (eg. Blu Tack).

In order to present the projects prior to the festival in a virtual gallery posters should be submitted in A1 size to the festival email festival2017@science-on-stage.eu by 15th May 2017.

Please note: You do need to print and bring your own poster to the festival.

Do I need to provide my own activity handouts?

You do need to print and bring your own handouts.

Where can I see all the delegate posters for Science on Stage?

You can view a ‘virtual fair’ online with all the delegate posters here.

Is the safety briefing available online?

Yes, you can access the Science on Stage safety briefing here.

If you don’t have your own risk assessment template you can use this one.

Will we get Wi-Fi in the venue/residences?

Yes, we will provide free Wi-Fi throughout the entire festival.

Can I leave my equipment in the conference centre overnight?

The venue will be closed when the fair ends. Only the security guards can access to the building, so your equipment will be safe.

Can I bring my regional foods along?

Yes, please do bring your regional specialities to the festival. Please be aware that for health and safety purposes we are asking that you bring individually wrapped items, such as sweets and small cakes or biscuits.

How do I book onto the Optional Excursions, and how much do they cost?

Optional Excursions are group visits to attractions in Debrecen for full festival delegates. They will be run on Friday, 30 June 2017.

You can book or register onto these visits at the registration desk on site.

What will be the weather like at this time of the year in Debrecen?

The end of June and early days of July are mainly sunny and warm. The temperature is about 23-28 degrees Celsius. Although the weather is nice usually, it is advised to have an umbrella with you, since heavy rains are not uncommon at this time of the year.

I’m not a full festival delegate but how can I get access for the full event?

Full festival delegates are selected through national selection processes, but you can still attend the Open Day on Saturday 1st July through booking a ticket here.

If you would like to attend Science on Stage festivals as a full delegate in future, please subscribe for the monthly newsletter at wwww.science-on-stage.eu

If you wish to participate as a paying guest, please contact us at festival2017@science-on-stage.eu.


Where will the accommodation be in relation to the festival venue?

The accommodation (Kossuth Lajos Dormitories) is about 10-15 minutes away from the festival venue (Kölcsey Convention Centre). If you travel from the accommodation towards the venue, the easiest way is to take tram line 1. The stop can be found outside the campus: as you step outside the college hostel go straight on until you see a barrier and parking lots behind it. Turn left and you will find the tram stop. Get off at the 5th stop at Debrecen Plaza. Kölcsey Convention Centre is a 3 minutes walk from this tram stop along Hunyadi János Street in the direction of the Debrecen Plaza.

What type of rooms will delegates be staying in?

There are single, double and triple rooms available at Kossuth Lajos Dormitories. Guests may access the Internet from their residence hall room free of charge. At the end of the corridors there are shared kitchens for residents and visitors. Guests may also park in the parking lots at no cost. Remember that there is a pay-and-park area on campus in Egyetem Square, close to the Main Building of UD. Visitors staying in one of Kossuth Lajos Dormitories need to validate the permit they get at the entrance of the parking lot upon arrival at the reception desk in order to drive and park for free on campus. All the buildings of Kossuth Lajos Dormitories are accessible to people with disabilities.

For further information please visit: http://www.kossuthkollegiumok.hu/index.php?nyelv=en

Can I share a room with another delegate?

The number of twin rooms is limited. If you wish to share a room with a delegate please contact us at festival2017@science-on-stage.eu, we will check the availability and answer your request.

Can I stay for extra nights before and after the festival?

If you need to arrive earlier or stay longer please send us your enquiry via e-mail: festival2017@science-on-stage.eu, we will respond you as soon as possible.

I have specific dietary/accommodation requirements, how do I state these?

You will be able to give details of any special requirements when registering as a festival delegate, however if you need to make us aware of any other requirements you can let us know by emailing festival2017@science-on-stage.eu.

Do we need to bring our own towels, bedding, toiletries etc?

Towels and bedding will be provided for you in your accommodation, however we recommend you bring your own toiletries.

Are pets allowed in the residences?

No pets are allowed in the college hostels.

Open Day

How should I pay for attending Open Day?

Open Day is free for everyone, there is no need to register or buy tickets.

What are the Open Day opening times?

1st of July is the Open Day of the festival. The Open Day is open from 10:00h – 17:00h.

What can I see on the Open Day?

During the Open Day you will have full access to all elements of the festival from 10:00h – 17:00h. You will be able to explore the fair, visit presentations and take part in a range of workshops, experiencing inspiring teaching methods in a range of ways.

Who can attend the Open Day?

Science on Stage is a festival from teachers for teachers and we want as many people involved in the teaching process to come along as possible. We welcome all teaching professionals, trainees, technicians, curriculum developers and local councillors involved in education.

The festival will cover all subjects across Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths from primary to secondary school.

If you can help to inspire children through teaching then we want you here!

Can I present my activity at the Open Day if I'm not a full delegate?

Presentation, workshop and stall opportunities are available for full festival delegates only.


What is Science on Stage?

Science on Stage Europe provides a European platform for science teachers to exchange teaching concepts and to share ideas. The ultimate goal is to improve science teaching by encouraging creativity in science teachers. Through this we will encourage more schoolchildren to consider a career in science or engineering by spreading innovative teaching among Europe’s science teachers.

Since its launch in 2000, Science on Stage has reached more than 100,000 teachers and teacher trainers in 30 European countries and Canada (extrapolation by country representatives in 2011).

Where is Science on Stage 2017?

The festival is being hosted by Debrecen, Hungary. Kölcsey Convention Centre will be the home of the festival.

When is the next Science on Stage festival?

Science on Stage festivals happen every two years, in a different country each time, so the next one will be in 2019. This is the first time that one is hosted in Hungary though, and may be the last for a long time, so take your chance while you can!

I am interested in supporting your work. Where can I find out more?

Science on Stage offers a unique proposition to teachers, being the largest international festival displaying teaching methods from teachers for other teachers. We rely on sponsorship to run our events in order to enable our delegates to attend regardless of their income.

If you are interested in being part of this fantastic opportunity please contact festival2017@science-on-stage.eu.

How do I stay in contact with Science on Stage?

We keep you informed about all our events and activities with our newsletter. You can subscribe at http://www.science-on-stage.eu/newsletter.